The Love & Unity Project helps
churches and Christian organizations
combat personal and systemic bias.

Consulting and Coaching

We utilize a combination of theological and social scientific training to ensure measurable and lasting change. Services include:

Organizational assessments to determine initial health and measure progress
Leadership coaching to help leaders harness the power of difference on their teams
Organizational infrastructure design to ensure equity in treatment and opportunities
Exclusive video content and curriculum for clients on issues related to race, class, and gender

Rapid response tools enabling an effective response to the need of your organization during acute incidents

Real Talk About Race, Part I & II

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Dele Okuwobi

Oneya Okuwobi

Who we are

Consultants and practitioners Oneya and Dele Okuwobi have spent 15 years working to help diverse churches and organizations experience greater equity.

OlaDele Okuwobi is the Directional Pastor of 21st Century Church, a church start-up launched September 20,2020 in Cincinnati, OH. He has over a decade of working as a practitioner, coach, and consultant with organizations and churches to combat personal and systematic bias. 

Oneya Okuwobi is a sociologist and Ohio State University Ph.D., graduate. Her research is focused on race, religion, and organizations. Oneya’s research interrogates how diverse organizations impact racial inequality. Along with her husband, Oladele, Oneya is founding elder of 21st Century Church, a church plant in Cincinnati, OH. She is co-author of Multiethnic Conversations: An Eight-Week Journey toward Unity in Your Church. It is the first personal devotional and small group study on multiethnic life and church designed for people in the pews.


In our time of social upheaval, when it seems as if our centuries-long struggles with racial injustice are only intensified and further entrenched by our efforts to address them, the Love & Unity Project provides a fresh foundation based within the kingdom of God, to help us find a real path to change. Dele and Oneya are seasoned practitioners, leading us to a new territory through their humble spirit. I commend the Love & Unity Project to anyone seeking to cultivate a ministry more reflective of God’s kingdom.
Dr. Chris Backert
National Director, Ecclesia Network

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